The Laws of Attraction

The series

With your help we'll be able to turn "The Laws of Attraction" into a series of episodes. Check out the concept and how we want to achieve our goal.

Send Vincent on a journey

We'd love to dig deeper and explore the many facets of human psychology by sending Vincent on a journey of self-discovery. With your help, this can become a reality.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.Albert Einstein

Developing the material into a series will allow us to elaborate and evolve the characters established in the short film, bring in new multi-faceted characters, create intrigues and surprise our audience with daring twists and surprising backstories on a larger scale, as we continue to create new challenges and adventures for Vincent.

1. Story and concept

Like the short film, ”Laws of Attraction: The Series” will revolve around the character of Vincent (Aaron Kuban), a single man in his early thirties in search of love in the city of singles per se, Los Angeles.

As Vincent struggles to find the woman of his life, he lives through a series of adventures that bring him in touch with a wide range of personalities, cultures and social circles.

Seeking to find recognition and success with women, Vincent blindly follows the advice of his friends and is strongly influenced by Diego (Darric Terry), a charismatic playboy and opinion leader, who is pulling the strings in the background and introduces him to a world of glamour and temptation that Vincent has always dreamt of, but never experienced before.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.Albert Einstein

Incited by Diego and driven by his own enthusiasm and high spirits, Vincent becomes increasingly entangled in a web of lies, tricks and games. Will he finally learn to stand out and make a difference by developing his own values, freeing himself from the need to pretend to be different, freeing himself from winning people's favor for the sake of his own purposes, staying true to his own opinions and values and following his own energy and aspirations?


Director Andreas Graf talking in an interview about the potential of the series and what he envisions for the character of Vincent.

2. It's the psychology, stupid!

Like a kid in the candy store: We always want what we can't get.

If you don't flirt, you're probably dead inside.Katharine Towne

It's with great fun and a good amount of humour that the series will elaborate on the mechanisms of human psychology and examine the basic principles of perception, attraction and rejection. It will take a closer look at how we are all influenced by our own prejudices, by social pressure and hidden agendas, how we value and judge people by their reputation, by outer appearances, and how we approach and treat each other based on our own values and educational background. It will shed light on the hidden hierarchies in clubs, in the work environment, examine social circles of great reputation and investigate how far individuals will go to reach their goals, pretending to be someone else deep inside, acting like something they are not.

Attraction is beyond our will or ideas sometimes.Juliette Binoche

As we examine the hidden psychology driving human action, we will be able to weave together true stories of impostors and seducers that made it all the way into the media, and we will delve into the subjects of machismo and female power. We'll also examine why so many women constantly fall for bad guys and why badasses seem to be so much more appealing to most females than nice guys.

Nice people don't necessarily fall in love with nice people.Jonathan Franzen

The social experiment


"Nice guy" "Badass"

We have put two videos out there on YouTube, one showing Vincent as nice guy, one showing Vincent as badass. We're curious to see which video is attracting more people.

Who is going to win? Nice Guy or Badass?

3. Why a series?

The answer is simple: Character development.

Many great screenwriters have moved into writing series because it enables them to grow the story material into a bigger story arc.

You create your own universe as you go along.Winston Churchill

Human psychology is a great playground for storytellers. Some of the mechanisms have already been addressed in the short film, but there is much more to explore and we see great potential to do this in the form of a series.

As the story is set in LA, a city with such a rich cultural diversity, we see endless opportunities to lead Vincent towards a great variety of communities and have him miserably put his foot in it when learning about intercultural peculiarities, customs and traditions.

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.Confucius

We'd love to let Vincent blunder into the highest society circles and challenge him to make efforts to learn about the arts, philosophy, music and literature in order to win people's recognition and be liked and popular.

We envision the series to be quite cheeky and outspoken in its tone, but always narrated with taste, without offending or becoming vulgar.


Members of the cast of "The Laws of Attraction" talking about the potential to turn the movie into a series.

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4. Why do we think it is going to be successful?

There are three reasons why we think “The Laws of Attraction Series” will be a success.

1. The topic
The “Laws of Attraction Series” elaborates on a topic that everyone can identify with. We all have experienced the ups and downs of love and loss to some extent. Human relationships are a universal matter that speaks to many people. We feel that taking the topic seriously, but at the same time looking at it lightheartedly, is the best way to deal with the subject matter and entertain our audience at the same time. There are never enough good comedies out there on the market.

2. The team
We have a wonderful team of talented and experienced creative people, who have proven they can work together efficiently. Cinematographer Austin Nordell and producer Joe Bartone are on board. We have all the needed assets to deliver a work of pristine quality.

3. Audience participation
Part of our concept is to connect with our audience. As the series evolves, we plan to let them decide on certain story elements and let them vote on our website about choices certain characters will make, and also which activities Vincent should be thrown into. Strong audience participation will be a unique characteristic related to this production. It hasn't been effectively done much so far.


Joe Bartone, producer and production sound mixer of "The Laws of Attraction" talking about the skills of cinematographer Austin Nordell.

6. How Can I Help?

1. Donate
For the price of a cup of coffee you can help us realize our pilot series and launch Vincent's adventures in the land of “The Laws of Attraction”.

For the price of a cup of coffee you can help us to make the pilot episode a reality.

2. Spread the word
Even if you can't donate, you can help us tremendously by making sure everyone you know - your friends, your family, your work colleagues and your entire social network - learns about this project. Share a link to this page with your endorsement on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and include a link to the official website Thank you!

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7. What Your Donation Will Cover

Successful fundraising will support the following:

1. The preproduction cost
Your donation will enable Andreas Graf to hire screenwriter Julian Martin and work for 3 months intensively with him to develop his story ideas into a convincing movie script consisting of a complete pilot episode, two additional complete scripted episodes, and treatments for three further episodes to finalize a first season consisting of six episodes. We will also prepare an outline for season 2 and 3, consisting of 12 episodes each, to show the arcs of our various characters.

2. The production cost for the pilot episode

  • The wages of all actors, crew members and extras.
  • The rental fee for all necessary filming equipment.
  • The rental fee for filming locations.
  • Transport and logistics.
  • All filming permits, insurance and administrative fees.
  • Legal fees to ensure rights and clearances relating to people, organizations, brands and publications.

3. The post-production cost

  • The editing of the pilot episode in collaboration with cinematographer and editor Austin Nordell.
  • Professional sound design and audio mix.
  • Professional color grading in a calibrated color correction suite to ensure a consistent, accurate image across all video and theatrical formats
  • License fees and copyright for the film music and sound effects being used.
  • Hard drives for data capture, transcoding, editing and backups.
  • Working in 4k resolution requires terabytes of data and copies of everything for backup purposes.
  • The creation of a 4K DCP to allow modern digital projection, a must if we intend to exhibit the film at film festivals.
  • The creation of Blu-ray, DVD and UHD home video masters, ensuring that backers get the best possible quality in their preferred choice of format.

Talent support

With your donation you're supporting a group of aspiring actors in Los Angeles. Check out their profiles and see the artists who will benefit from your contribution.

Budget outlay

See what it takes to create the universe of "The Laws of Attraction". Take a look at the budget oulay.

8. If We Exceed Our Goal

Our initial goal of $234,000 is the minimum to ensure that the TV pilot can be produced and incentives are delivered. Donations well beyond that amount will allow us to:

  • use better filming equipment (camera cranes, camera cars, steadicam) to create a more attractive visual style of storytelling.
  • afford better and pricier filming locations (more stylish clubs, public buildings and famous film spots in and around Los Angeles) allowing us to let the story take place in more interesting trendy places.
  • bring in more new characters that add to the story value by hiring additional actors, perhaps even someone with a Hollywood pedigree.
  • use more extras for scenes that catapult Vincent into both high society circles and mundane events.
  • include better diegetic and non-diegetic music (licensing fees for already published songs) to add more quality to scenes in bars and on the dancefloor, and hire a film-composer to create film music and a main theme.
  • afford rental of better props, e.g. a nice car for Vincent.
  • produce behind-the-scenes material, interviews with cast and crew resulting in a making-of video.
  • invest more into the marketing and distribution of the Pilot (web design, web advertisement, production of film posters, flyers and other promotional material).
  • apply to more film festivals by covering the application fees.
  • hire a cinema for an official theatrical red-carpet premiere in Los Angeles that you'll be invited to attend with a guest of your choice.

9. In search of excellence: Why time is an important factor

Our belief is that in most cases nowadays not enough time and diligence is put into the development of screenplays. Researching and perfecting a story is the key to creating a pristine product of both artistic value and commercial revenue. The greatest special effects cannot compensate for the lack of emotional identification with the characters of a story. Taking time to develop the script doesn't mean to go slow, it means to never be satisfied with the first possible solution, working hard to improve constantly and evaluating every possibility to reach excellence within the given constraints. No compromises on quality. We feel obliged to our backers, our audience and to ourselves to create something of value. That's why our timeframe to deliver the promised goods is more extended than with other projects you may find on Kickstarter. We ask you to look at it as a long-term investment and give us the necessary time to get it right. Only the patient will see the seed flourish. We will inform you about every step of development and with a little patience on your side you will see a project come to life that we can all be proud of.